Digital Transformation: a new world of digital possibilities!

Our approach

We design products, packaging, and user experiences with a unique research-based process we call Informed Creativity. Our work has been recognized with multiple international awards and is widely covered in the press.

Strategic innovation is an organizational capability that requires a management system designed to support the objective of new business creation, which includes reallocation of resources and changing business models.

Cloud and on-Premise Services

As an innovation-driven company, we will help you to integrate your end-to-end processes with SAP cloud and on-Premise based solutions.

Transformation & Migration

We will support your transformation, from individual preliminary projects and implementation through to going live.

How we do it

Our approach to design takes inspiration from real people and has its ultimate goal in the clarification of purpose and meaning. By better understanding who we are designing for, we create experiences of real value.

Engineering as a Service

The New Paradigm of Engineering. Innomentor owns the work and sign-off from partners. A brand-new paradigm to meet your delivery challenges.

Training & Deployment as a Service

We hire, train and deploy the best available resources to your project.

What Sets Us Apart: We Are a One-Stop Shop for your Ideas Implementation!