Why InnoStream?

The skills that were relevant just a few months ago are a little less relevant now. And there are several skills that are predominant and very important — not only now but looking into the future. That makes it important for us to be on the front end of acknowledging where there are opportunities.

Structured Learning

In a structured learning environment, you are more likely to thrive and experience personal and academic growth.

Our learning programs & courses are designed using instructional methodologies, also referred to as structured  courses, formal learning or curriculums. You can enjoy yourself and focus on learning.



Connected Learning

Connected learning environments link real-time learning in  offices and community because learners achieve best when their learning is reinforced and supported in multiple settings.

InnoStream platform can make learning resources abundant, accessible and visible across all learner settings

Workplace Integration

Discover a simpler way to stay connected with familiar features you’ll love to use. Workplace Integration brings your favorite skills, mentor and tools together.

So whatever you need, our integrations have got you covered.  Mentoring is at the heart of everything we do, with world-class mentors and coaches to keep your learning journey supervised.

Our approach to overcome the competition by creating better YOU

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    Connected Learning

    A platform where learners can work towards common learning goals through solving real world case studies augmented by peer & expert mentoring.

    Time & Cost

    We know that learners are pressed for time, so we have crafted the eLearning course that can give them the skills they need in the shortest amount of seat time.


    Our unique crowdsourcing models helps you connect with the desired mentors for problem solving, discussions, landing that dream job and what not!

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